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The public is frustrated with slow pace of innovation in medicine. The extraordinary costs and time to market are orders of magnitude too high. The combination of biotechnology and information technology is disruptive, see Figure 6

“current costs and time to market are orders of magnitude too high”

In our age an innovation can be brought to the market for millions not billions. Look around you and the signs of change are everywhere. In biotechnology you hear of breakthroughs every day. China is moving ahead. Its low cost, rapid response and high-quality supply chain is incompatible with western guideline medicine.

Information technology is key to the new paradigm. It enables development steps to be proven in direct engagement with a few supportive patients. In the Netherlands, we are transitioning our breakthrough in collaboration with Chinese partners. The management team consists of Wim Huppes and Denison Chapman.

Figure 6: Medicine as a Biotechnological Service.


Wim Huppes – A Short BioDenison Chapman – A Short Bio
Trained as an Internist Specialised in Oncology – University of Utrecht
In 2006, my 30-year career as an experimental cancer specialist left me unprepared for the diagnosis “incurable cancer”. It was a turning point. My inventions in the field of cancer had been published but were never transferred into the clinic.
PhD in Biotechnology – Free University Amsterdam
My will to survive brought urgency. My background in biotechnology enabled me to identify the two light therapies that are the basis of TippingPoint4Cancer.
Netherlands Representative on the European Medical Agency
For 7 years I worked in the Ministry of Healthcare. This experience allows me to organise radical new solutions in the expectation and hope that they may benefit millions of other sufferers.
Strategic Application of Information Technology
When I first met Wim, I was a European consultant with Teradata a global leader in business intelligence. Together we worked on a book, published in the Netherlands, that offered a plan of how governments can adopt an open healthcare policy. It originated in a project undertaken for the Dutch Government.
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne – BSc Honours Chemical Engineering
My training and experience makes me comfortable in the medical market
Systems Experience
Three decades working on projects with IBM, NCR, Teradata and others, brings deep knowledge of the application of technology.
I lead the systems development behind the light therapy, building an intelligent computer system to reach all patients.
Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam - Oncology & Biotechnology Specialist - Maasstad Hospital, Glaxo Wellcome, European Medical Association (EMA), ONVZ (health insurers), Merck Pharmaceuticals, Diabetes Direct, NCR Retail, TNO, Erasmus MC, UMCU, Harbour Hospital, RotterdamUniversity of Newcastle-upon-Tyne – BSc Honours Chemical Engineering. Information Technology Specialist, Big Data, Strategic Management, Sales and Marketing - IBM, NCR Teradata, Kognitio and others
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