Fever Gallery

Cancer Fever was the Key to a Cure

After years of cherry picking from the pool of existing medicines, in November 2013 came the realisation that light therapy does not cause resistance. This was our first eureka moment. At the time, to capture the existing experience, we spent 2014 and 2015 with various specialised clinics. It was frustrating. From the perspective of discovering a cure, we found that these clinics sit in an unambitious paradigm.

In hindsight the decision to focus on developing light therapy was an excellent decision. The progress is such that we are now able to make a cure generally available.

“our light therapy is generally available”

In 2016, like everyone else working on cancer, we believed that a full blown immune response is the holy grail. We noticed that doctors ignore the strong immune response of a drug that had been specially designed for this purpose. That drug is Phthalocyanine. This second eureka moment brought a decision to use Phthalocyanine for its immune response against cancer.

Table 2: Birth of a Cure.

Subsequently we started to treat people at home. Serendipity brought 22 patients with various cancers (7 Breast; 5 Colon; 4 Prostate; 2 Brain; 1 Pancreas; 1 Bile duct; 1 Blood; 1 Ovarium). The results were encouraging. Up to Q2 2017 we treated 16 patients with Phthalocyanine. All 16 obtained the expected full immune response and 15 obtained partial remissions. Although Phthalocyanine induced a full immune response it did not cure any of the patients. Patients told us that the immune response was unbearable. In consequence 8 patients dropped out. It took a whole year to make the therapy bearable.

In Q2 2017 came the third eureka moment with the realisation that it is essential to reduce the burden of the cancer before inducing a full immune response as explained in the video. Between Q4 2017 and Q2 2018 a debulking treatment with Chlorin-Chlorophyll was given to 3 existing and 5 new patients. Of these 3 had a complete remission in conjunction with other treatments. In one case after surgery of a large tumour the breast remained stiff. We believe this was caused by cancer in the lymph vessels. Our Chlorin-Chlorophyll light therapy cleared this residual cancer. Another case with a large prostate cancer used Chlorin-Chlorophyll before other treatment and obtained a complete remission. The remaining 5 patients, with no co-medication, had partial remissions. However, debulking with Chlorin-Chlorophyll brought many new problems. Unexpectedly 5 of the 8 patients dropped out due to severe swelling/oedema in and around the cancer.

In Q1 2018 came a fourth eureka moment. We saw that the oedema is a result of cancer cells resident in the lymphatic system becoming swollen and blocking the lymph flow. Therefore, by treating the lymphatic system BEFORE treating the cancer itself we eliminate the oedema. One of three patients who did not drop out due to oedema was in a life-threatening situation. This patient opted to try. It works. This patient is expected to obtain a complete remission after pre-treatment of the surrounding lymph vessels. This marks the start of the period of general availability.

Case Histories

Figure 5 – Cancer Fever

Without a few heroic patients who helped us understand and overcome serious side effects the protocol would not be available today.  The fever gallery is a collection of their cases highlighting the key discoveries. These patients monitored cancer fever.  The images, see Figure 5, were taken with a smart phone add on. Cancer Fever tells us that a sufficient dose of sensitiser reached the cancer. The images illustrate the cancer fever by showing the areas where the fever occurs at the site of the cancer.

All Images are copyright of TP4C with permission granted by the patient

Anonymous – Triple Negative Breast Cancer

This patient had a triple negative, aggressive breast cancer. It’s sad that she was given up as incurable whereas it falls within our standard treatment. The primary cancer is 45cm stretching from the collar bone to the abdomen. In addition, there is also a 15cm satellite cancer, and three 9cm local metastases in the lymph nodes of the armpit. There is a cancer hump on the left side – see picture 1. Because the hump had no skin it was treated in the first cycle with a lot of light. A few days later the hump was reduced to a black crust of dried up dead cancer – see picture 2. The crust served as a temporary skin. It was leathery and did not leak. In the first picture you also see the primary tumour expanding the breast and creating new humps. Also, in the first cycle we started to liquify the cancer just enough to make it shrink and cause as little long-term skin damage as possible. The nipple was shielded from the light most of the time. In picture 3 you see liquified tumour being expelled from the hump after the leather skin had been removed. Pictures 4 and 5 show such good progress that in two more cycles the cancer shown in picture 1 will not be detectable by manual examination. The light was also applied to the surrounding lymph nodes, the liver and the lungs. After treatment of the liver, there was brown discoloration in the urine that might signal the clearing of tiny metastases. Soon a scan will be made to check whether there is any remaining cancer still to be treated.

Anon – Carcinoma of the Pharynx

The patient suffers from a very large lymph node on the left side of his neck that is as large as his normal neck. It is hot, rock hard and appears to be firmly attached. Furthermore, there are metastases in other lymph nodes in the neck, even on the other side of his neck, and a skin metastasis under his right ear. In the first cycle of Chlorin-Chlorophyll the large rock-hard lymph node liquified but with a lot of oedema creating a lot of pressure. After the second cycle the pressure decreased. We know that the content of the lymph node now contains the remnant of the cancer that is a yellow paste. Out of caution we paused treatment for three days and then started a third cycle. At the end of the third cycle we punctured the lymph node and let the remnants flow out. After the first cycle we started to treat all other metastases, These also liquified and were small enough to be cleared naturally by the body.

Roel Muis – Brain Cancer

I am surviving. My cancer is hardly growing even though it is large and very malignant. I want to become the first brain cancer patient cured. My experience so far is encouraging. With a prototype lamp my arm starts to twitch. The light must have passed through the skull. Today, although I see effects, my scans do not show regression. Clearly an insufficient amount of light gets through the bone. I wish the funding was available for a more powerful lamp.

Wim Huppes – Prostrate Cancer


Twelve years ago, when an incurable cancer found me, I had an epiphany to create a generally applicable solution. After cherry picking medicines for nine years, I was the first patient to use a high dose Phthalocyanine and was glad to feel better by July 2016. Later, a partial remission was concluded from scans. In June 2017 I repeated the high dose Phthalocyanine. However, the response this time was small. A month later I tested a high dose combination of both green and blue sensitisers but due to the side effects I immediately stopped. Luckily it caused my cancer to become sensitive to hormone treatment when previously it was insensitive. This is often seen after other therapies. I am now in complete remission as confirmed by laboratory checks for PSA markers.


Orpa Moeleker – Breast Cancer

I believe I am gaining month after month of life. I feel part of the team, measuring my cancer response and using lamps my dad created for me. I found that the Phthalocyanine induces an enormous immune reaction against the whole cancer, even when I shine on just the relatively small lymph node in my neck. The next day the big tumour in my breast becomes swollen. Sometimes I get a dry cough probably caused by the effect on the many metastasis in my lungs. After five days I get a reaction in my stomach that I understand is a sort off peritonitis due to metastasis in the abdomen. In this period my urine turns brown because there is further reaction in my liver metastases. Over a few months my primary cancer halved in size and there were reductions everywhere. However, I am losing weight and the cancer fever tires me. In my case we conclude that Phthalocyanine Light Therapy is too difficult to sustain long enough to cure.

Orpa was an entrepreneur


Antoon van Eldik – Cancer of Common Bile Duct

Six years ago, I dreamed of seeing my children grow up and my grandchildren arrive. My cancer was incurable and support from regular medicine stopped. Meeting Wim I saw an opportunity to survive. With my background as a dental surgeon and a highly technical hobby in developing world champion class model aeroplanes, l saw that TippingPoint needed to push the limits of optical technology to avoid side effects. It was great that I could help create that legacy. I hope the medical paradigm shifts so that normal medical support is available when needed.

In January 2017, a PET CT showed large tumours in my liver, lung and ribs. The alarm bells sounded. I consulted several colleagues and started the Phthalocyanine treatment with Wim, who I already knew. The Phthalocyanine made me feel much better but it didn’t cure. By spring 2017 I hedged my bets and took a novel exosomes treatment in Germany, among others. It didn’t work. A scan showed the cancer had spread dramatically. In November 2017, with a few other patients I started debulking with Chlorine-Chlorophyll. It worked, but the disappearing liver metastasis caused hyponatraemia and I needed laboratory support which was denied. I hope the success of light therapy will create a more supportive medical environment.

Antoon was an entrepreneur with a chain of dental practices

Jan-Willem van de Velde – Prostate Cancer

This patient has been treated over 18 months after being given up with a few months to live because his cancer was extremely aggressive.
He has been treated with cycles of blue Phthalocyanine and later the green Chlorin-Chlorophyll. Today, our light sources are many magnitudes stronger that the ones used by Jan Willem. At some point his cancer metastased to hard to reach places including in the hip bone behind the femur head. He combined the blue and green and realised tumour reduction as shown by lab tests for PSA markers. Although he has gained significantly in months of extra life for him the process is slow and burdensome. He currently chooses to enjoy the months he has left.

Jan-Willem was a music teacher who is now an alternative farmer