Organising Treatment


e-mail us at or phone Désirée Röver at +31 53 614 833


We have two ways to charge for light therapy are shown in Figure 7.
1. Fixed Price of 4,000 euro for standard delivery, see Creating a plan
2. Price Per Cycle of 1,000 euro: All patients can pay per cycle. However, where the plan is non-standard, payment is only per cycle. In non-standard delivery, there will be extra costs for tailoring and exceptionally for development

Figure 7: Organising Treatment


  • A letter confirming the cancer diagnosis
  • A scan confirming the location of the cancer
  • Signed Informed Consent
  1. Service only starts after payment has been received
  2. If you wish to stop treatment you can do so at any time without a reason
  3. When the distance is significant, patients may be charged for any additional time and travel costs of our experts
  4. Our lamps remain the property of Hugo Manufacturing BV. It is guaranteed for the duration of treatment and will be repaired free of charge if you return it to our Return and Repair Centre via a trackable service such as DHL or FedEx. The patient is responsible for the return shipping costs
  5. You are required to return the lamp after completing your treatment
  6. Charges exclude all travel, accommodation, and additional medical costs
  7. All costs exclude applicable taxation