Prostate Cancer

Unique TP4C-PDT for Men with Prostate Cancer

Unlike breast cancer the prostate lies deeper in the body and is surrounded by the girdle. Other forms of PDT cannot penetrate such a deep organ. Our light source is uniquely powerful, thousands of times more powerful than anything else on the market. This allows us to deliver light and treat deep lying cancers. Men with advanced disease have an exciting new option. In our fever gallery are cases of men with metastatic prostate cancer who obtained remissions and years of extra life.see here

Prostate cancer not seeded into bones

Men who are likely to have prostate cancer, but with no solid diagnosis, have a new possibility. They may consider a cycle with TP4C-PDT instead of watch and wait. Their elevated PSA, a dense structure on a scan, or signs found in a physical examination, may disappear.

When there is certainty about their diagnosis men could consider immediate cycles of Chlorin-Chlorophyll PDT. Our non-toxic PDT destroys the cancer and allows the body to recuperate. They may avoid an operation, radiation and/or hormone treatment.

Bone metastasis

With metastases seeded into bones, cycles of Chlorin-Chlorophyll PDT with our unique light may slow down the growth and even cause regression. We are continuously improving our advanced light sources so that they can deliver sufficient light to metastases in the girdle and vertebrae.