Reducing the Burden

Aspects of our light therapy originated in the 1960’s. That cancers cannot build resistance is unique. Light therapy is used globally to cure skin cancer. With the tremendous power of our light source, the therapy has become available as a “line extension” to treat other cancers. We believe that Chlorin-Chlorophyll is the most effective sensitiser to reduce the burden of cancer. It is well tolerated, because it doesn’t induce a full blown immune response. In the body it is selectively taken up by cancer cells where it binds to essential structures especially DNA.

“We found how to address cancers’ Achilles heel with photosynthesis”
Figure 1:
Chlorin-Chlorophyll Attached to Cancer DNA

Chlorin-Chlorophyll exploits plant ’photosynthesis’. This is how it works: in cancer cells, Chlorin-Chlorophyll captures energy from our powerful light. When the light hits the Chlorin-Chlorophyll it causes electrons to become more energetic. Electrons in a high energy state pass their energy to nearby molecules causing them to become radicals. The radicals cause strand breaks in cancer DNA, see Figure 2. Our light creates so many breaks that the cancer is neutralized and can no longer hold its position in the body. The light causes a rise in tumour temperature when the immune system responds to the dying cancer. The immune response causes oedema of the cancer. The oedema is controlled by first focusing the light on the surrounding tissue, to rid the lymph vessels of cancer and allowing the oedema to flow away.
Patients require one to three cycles of Chlorin-Chlorophyll. Discolouration of the skin is a stop signal to avoid side effects. In Russia Chlorin-Chlorophyll has been approved. In most other countries ethical committees have accepted it as an experimental sensitiser. For regulatory information click here.

Figure 2:
Chlorin-Chlorophyll Action

On 19 September 2017, we Googled “light therapy” and found more than 30 million results. With “photodynamic therapy” more than 1.5 million results were obtained. This freely available information encompasses studies on safety, biochemistry, physics, interactions with other treatments, and kinetics within the body. For the product leaflet click here.